What Do You Mean By HTML And Where It Was Originated ?


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The term HTML refers to hyper text mark up language. Actually it is a language that is used to design web pages. It is said to be a markup, because it can mark certain words or other data on a page to link to other websites, other pages in the same website or other parts in the same document/page. When this link is clicked by the user, the browser displays the linked page on the screen. It is not a programming language as such.

In web page designing its objective is to format the data on these pages. It uses the tags or markups to determine how the different data contents will be displayed on a web page.We can write the HTML code in any text editor program.Few years ago, it was developed as a subset of SGML, where SGML stands for structured generalized mark-up language. The SGML also is used to describe the formatting and mar-up links and different contents of a document.

The HTML is in fact simpler than SGML that was developed especially to use over internet for web pages.SGML is not suitable for transmission over internet to the different types of computers and browsers.

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