How Do You Enter In HTML Text Format?


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Entering text in an HTML format can be done simply by following these guidelines:
To begin with, include it within a ... section. Within a nowiki section, only HTML-quoting of special characters (<>&) will occur - no other formatting rules will be functional. Next, a line which ends in a backslash character (\) will be connected with the next line earlier than most formatting rules are functional. This can be functional for breaking up long sections of text in line-sensitive sections (like lists or indented text). If raw-HTML sections are enabled, you can enter raw HTML code within an ... section. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that if no quoting is done, then you will require to use sequences like and it; if you want to present a < character. Nearly all of the formatting rules are order-independent. The rules are processed in the following order: raw HTML sections, HTML quoting, backslash line joining, reformatted sections, paragraphs, lists and indented text, horizontal lines, italic/bold text and URLs.

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