How Do You Format A Dvd-rw?


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There are a number of methods of formatting a DVD disc. Bear in mind that your particular choice of format will determine the computers and the other devices which will be capable of reading the disc. Firstly, you need to insert the DVD-RW into the computer's DVD drive. You will see a dialog box pop up. You need to click on the option saying 'Burn files to disc'. You will get a dialog box for 'Burn a disc', in which you need to enter a name for the new DVD.

You then have to click on 'Show formatting options', proceeding to click on one of the formatting options. Namely, Live File System or Mastered. You will have to click on 'Next' in order to prepare the disc.

Keep in mind that with a DVD-RW, you can format the DVD multiple times. Also, if you have already formatted the disc at least once, you will be able to choose the Quick Format option which helps you to format the DVD-RW more swiftly on subsequent formats.
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My pc doesn't even run the auto play to give me the dialog box!
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My pc is doing the same thing as Kabab's! I've cleaned the lens, but still no dialog box. It just sits there. Need to do a back-up, but can't get the disks formatted! HELP!!!
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To Turn AutoPlay on or off visit this site for Windows up to XP.
For Vista and Windows 7 go to Control Panel: AutoPlay and then choose the options for each type of media you want to change.

If you choose "Ask Me Everytime" you will get the pop-up Hearsch is talking about when you put a CD or DVD into the drive.

Once you have that done follow his directions and you will be good to go.

And yes you can format RW media.
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You can't format a rewrite.

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