How Do I Format A C Drive?


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Most people believe that a simple formatting of a c drive erases all the memory. This has been proven untrue in recent surveys. This can result in identity theft. To avoid this proper formatting is required. Firstly, one should use a proper data removal tool like WipeDrive which has been approved by the US department of Defense. This removes all data permanently. Secondly, insert the windows Cd and restart. The computer will boot automatically from the Cd, and then simply follow the directions mentioned.

Thirdly, after formatting is completed, restart the computer. After restarting it, the computer will automatically start re-installing windows. Thus the C drive is formatted. For Windows 95, 95 and ME, it is slightly different. In the 2nd step, boot from a start up disk. On restart, at prompt, type "a" then hit enter and create a primary DOS partition. After that, restart computer again, then type "a" at the prompt. Then type "format c" thus C drive is formatted.

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