How Do I Reference A Powerpoint Lecture In Apa Format?


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The best way to decide how to reference a Powerpoint lecture in APA (American Psychological Association) format is to go to You can submit your information here; this will produce a citation which can be copied and used in your references, thereby crediting the source of your material.

This online tool was originally created by David Warlick of the Landmark Project on October 29th, 2000 and is part of the Landmarks for Schools website for teachers. The citation machine can also be found on Facebook.

The APA Reference Style Guide gives examples of how to caption and cite tables and figures from another source. The online version of the 6th Edition of the Guide is available and a useful extract can be found via the Olson Library website.

It provides advice on spacing, when to use hanging indents and also explains how to remove the underlining of hyperlinks in word processing software by highlighting the URL, holding down the Ctrl key and typing the letter U twice.

The Guide also provides guidance on the format for identifying a source using the APA referencing format - Author's last name, initial (s), title and date of publication i.e. Jones A (The Style Guide, 2010). You could also state where the information was retrieved from by providing the URL if found on the Internet.

APA style requires reference lists not bibliographies, according to the APA referencing guide. Start a new page titled References, positioned following the conclusion of your work. The list of references should be indented and be in alphabetical order; titles should be in italics.

As well as referencing at the end of the lecture, it may be necessary to also make a text citation during the presentation. At this point the author's last name with the date in brackets (Jones, 2010) should be sufficient.
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Presenter's last name, First initial(s). (Year of presentation). Title of presentation: Capitalize first letter of subtitle [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from URL.

All but the first line would be indented.  You have to put "PowerPoint slides" in square brackets ([]) and say "Retrieved from" before you state the URL.  If there's no URL, just say something like "Retrieved from file" or ask your teacher about it.

Here's a sample reference:

Roberts, K. F. (1998). Federal regulations of chemicals in the
[PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from

The in-text citation would be (Roberts, 1998).
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It depends on what kind of computer you have. If you want to refer a powerpoint in a Apa format, the best way is to take it to a computer center and ask them to do it. If you want to do it quickly then you have to tell me how many mega-bites it is.

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