How Do I Hack Into Someones Text Messages?


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I’m not entirely sure what you want to do when you say you want to hack into someone’s text messages but there is software available which claims to let you monitor someone else’s phone �" so you can see their activity and read their text messages etc.
The first thing I’d suggest you do is look into the legality of what it is you want to do - the last thing you will want is a law suit on your hands, and this sort of activity may well be illegal.
I’m not sure if you mean you just want to be able to read text messages on someone else’s phone remotely or if you actually want to be able to send and change their messages. I do not think the latter is really possible �" unless you know or can get hold of someone with this kind of capabilities. There is certainly no text messaging hacking software available which would let you remotely access and  change text message on someone’s phones.
However, as mentioned above there is software available which claims to monitor phones �" have a look at for example. I do not know how reliable this sort of software is �" or how risky it is to use - as I have never used it �" nor do I know anyone who has. It is also not free and you have to pay a subscription.
There are a lot of blogs and forums about hacking into people’s text messages on the internet. For example, have a look at:
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Without the phone itself, it's virtually impossible. Also if caught doing this is a violation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Before you even ask, the only way those text message contents can be provided only to law enforcement, a prosecutors' office or a convened Grand Jury via prescribed written request. Previously mentioned elements would have to contact the service providers legal compliance department for this to take place.

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