How To Restore Factory Settings Of Nokia 6500 Slide?


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On some phones, you can factory reset the phone directly from the settings menu. Some phones require a code to be keyed into the keypad, which automatically resets the phone. The code for the Factory Restore of the Nokia 6500 should be *#7780#, which you type into the keypad. If this doesn't work, there are other methods that allow you to return your phone back to its original settings.

  • Performing a Master Reset
Alternatively, to perform a master reset on the phone, you can follow three steps. Before you start, you must make sure that you've backed up everything on the memory of the phone or you may be at risk of losing all your pictures, contacts and messages.

  • Press the Menu button.
  • Scroll down to the Settings section, and select "Restore Factory Settings".
  • Choose between "Restore All" or "Restore settings only".
  • Press Continue
You will then be prompted to enter the security code you have programmed into the phone. If you haven't, it will be the default security code of 12345.

  • Hard Resetting the Phone
Sometimes, this irons out little glitches you may have had with your phone. You need to make sure that your Nokia 6500 is powered off, so that the functions aren't active. Once the phone is turned off, you need to press a series of keys that will allow the phone to reset.

You need to press, at the same time, the green call button, the * (star) button, and the 3 button. You hold these three buttons down until a message appears on the screen which says 'Formatting'. Then you can release the buttons. Your Nokia 6500 is now in the process of hard resetting itself. When this is done, the phone will reboot, and ask you to correct the current date and time.
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Am lost nokia 6500slide code
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