How Do You Hack Into Someones Credit Card?


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Credit cards are usually hacked through a process of cloning which is known as "skimming". This is where the details of your credit card are captured using a device, known as a skimmer, attached to an actual transaction - eg. at a shop or cash machine.

Unfortunately these sort of instances are on the rise, and card companies have not yet found a way to prevent this occurring. But there are precautions you can take to prevent this happening such as:

  • Do not carry or use more cards than you really need
  • Ask to have your card replaced every once in a while
  • Always check your statements and online banking to ensure there are no fraudulent transactions that you do not recognise.
Banks and credit card companies are becoming more vigilant in monitoring transactions, and will often place a temporary block on your card if they suspect a transaction has not been carried out by the cardholder. Whilst this can be frustrating if the transactions are genuine, it is a necessary safeguard to have in place.

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