How do you hack someone's Snapchat?


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It is theoretically possible to hack Snapchat and access someone's account, there have been a number of security flaws in the Snapchat app exposed in recent weeks.

And it has been the talk of the internet about "How to hack Snapchat accounts"

For example, in videos like this one from YouTube

However, the real high profile hacking has been a pretty simple one:

People were uploading databases full of phone-numbers, then using the Snapchat in-app friend search to find people on the app in this way.

It basically allowed anyone to enter a long list of phone numbers, and match them up to a Snapchat account if they had one active on the app.

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You may want to hack Snapchat accounts to reveal the secret and intimate photos of those who use the service, but bear in mind that most of the "FREE SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS FOR HACKING SNAPCHAT" are bogus fakes that will result in one thing: A virus being uploaded to your computer or mobile device.

Be vary wary of this kind of thing, it happened to a friend of mine... With dire consequences!

Not only did he encounter a virus on his mobile phone, but his mother took his phone to the shop in order to repair it, and they were able to identify the malware program installed on his phone, and it soon became abundantly clear that he had been accessing illicit sites and trying to hack into people's Snapchats to browse rude photos, and his mother found out about it!

Can you imagine the shame of going through that? It's just not worth it.

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Is this possible? I don't think so

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Simple. Just take a hike.

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