How do you hack someone's iCloud account?


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Surprisingly, there's actually a very straight forward method to hack someone's iCloud account, but you're going to need a few key pieces of information:  

  1. You need the person's email address.
  2. You need their date of birth.
  3. Finally, you need the answers to two out of three of their security questions.

Now, you might think that it's unlikely that someone would have this type of information, but if you think about it, you could probably hack your friend's iCloud account pretty easily. 

You've probably already got the email address, and you likely know their date of birth.  All you need now are the security answers, which can be as simple as "The first car you owned", and "Your favourite sports team".

Why you shouldn't think about hacking someone's iCloud account

Before you go off and try to hack a lot of iCloud accounts, it's worthwhile noting that it's pretty immoral to do that to someone.  It's also likely that you'll lose a friendship, and possibly face legal action.

I'd say that it's more likely than ever that charges will be pressed against those hacking iCloud accounts after the recent celebrity scandal involving Jennifer Lawrence's saucy images being leaked onto the internet.

Is iCloud safe enough?

I'd say no.  It's too easy to find the required information in order to hack someone's iCloud account.  Think back to the Jennifer Lawrence case

  • It would be relatively easy to find her email address.
  • Her date of birth is public knowledge.
  • She's likely revealed what her first car was, her favourite food or whatever it asks for in interviews over the years, maybe even in public interviews!

So yeah, don't hack people's iCloud accounts, even if you think it's easy to do!

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