How Can I Activate My Idea Sim Online?


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To activate your Idea sim card online, you must register on the Idea website using your mobile phone number (the number associated with the sim card in question). After completely the sign up process, you will be given the option of activating your sim. It will be displayed on your main account page, so activation is in fact very straightforward. Once you have set up an Idea account and have activated your sim, you can manage your mobile phone account online, making payments and viewing phone bills. An Idea account is ideal for anyone who regularly uses the Internet and wants optimal convenience when it comes to managing mobile phone finances.

  • Choosing a mobile phone provider

To obtain a mobile phone sim card, you will need to choose a mobile phone network provider. In making this decision there are a number of things to consider. Firstly, and most importantly, you must think out network coverage. It is essential you choose a network that offers strong signal in your area; ask around family and friends who live nearby to find out those that are good and those that aren't so good. Once you have narrowed down your choices to a few potential network providers, go online to find out which offers the best deals. You should also look at extras offered by networks (such as two for one deals and in store discounts) to see if any could be of benefit to you.

  • Should I opt for a mobile phone contract?

If you use your mobile phone to text or make calls on a daily basis, it will probably save you a lot of money to opt for a mobile phone contract, if finances allow you to do so. A contract may even allow you to obtain a handset with no initial charge. However, some of us only use our mobile phones now and again, or keep it in case of emergencies. If this sounds like you, it is likely to be cheaper to simply 'pay as you go' - this means topping up your phone when you require extra credit.

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