How can i reset my samsung S8300 back to its factory settings?


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There are two options in order to reset this particular Samsung back to its factory mode. Firstly you need to try the passcode, which is 00000000 (that is 0 eight times) if that does not work, you will need to try dialling the code below from your normal call screen. Or try *2767*3855# If that doesn’t work, try *0206*3855#.
Another alternative to fix your phone is to do the following. Tap Menu then tap Settings, Scroll to and tap Reset Settings, tap All, tap Reset, enter the password and then tap Confirm. This should allow you to go back to factory settings and you should then be able to use your phone accordingly.
With its faster stripes and walnut finish, the Samsung S8300 is a stylish phone that everyone is talking about. Taking its successful influences from the Tocco template, Samsung swerves away from the regular touchscreen format with its new S8300 Tocco Ultra Edition, which adds a slide-down number pad to go with all the touch swiping that one can do.
The phone is a 2.8-inch AMOLED display and has Samsung's latest TouchWiz v1.5 user interface, the Tocco Ultra Edition is a small but comfortable touchscreen product with some extra protection in order to accommodate the slider.
The S8300 also has an eight megapixel camera, which is a great feature as well as the Samsung Tocco's five megapixel back camera which will allow you to do a number of features for both stills and video imaging. The phone also has a GPS satellite location finding technology as well as geo-tagging pics and mapping with Google Maps. The Tocco Ultra Edition also boasts a number of upgraded widgets on the home screen that will allow users to do a number of things.

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