How To Unlock T-mobile Pin Code?


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Mobile phones are locked by phone companies to ensure that SIM cards from other networks cannot used in their phones. This is also done to avoid theft of the phone so someone can not steal it and use their own sim card inside.

If you decide to unlock the phone, you can contact the company you bought your phone from and ask for an unlock code. If you have a valid reason for needing the code, they will give it to you. If your mobile operator will not give you the unlock code, you can take your phone to a phone specialist who may be unable to unlock the phone in return for a small fee. It is difficult to find these codes for free because people can make money from them so they are not usually found freely on the Internet.
SIM cards can also have passwords which are often set to the default of 0000 when you buy a phone from new. You will usually be asked if you would like to keep your phone with a password and change it to something memorable or if you would simply like to remove the password.
It is always a good idea to have your SIM card protected by a password as a deterrent for thieves which will also mean that if your phone is stolen, nobody can use it. This would be a particular problem with a contract mobile phone whereby a person could make hundreds of phone calls and create a huge phone bill which may have to be paid by the original owner.
Mobile phone theft can also be a problem for people with 'Smart Phones' whereby emails and social networking accounts are linked to the phone.

If your phone is ever stolen, you should contact your mobile phone provider immediately. They will then cancel your SIM and post you a new one out immediately.

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