How To Transfer Wallpaper From Computer To Mobile Phone?


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If you are using a PC or Laptop with bluetooth, you can actually transfer it. Or use the sync of your mobile phone.

Find the image of the wallpaper you use for your computer and sync that to your phone. Usually images are found in:


Open your user folder, then look for the "Pictures" folder. Look for the image there, then sync it.
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Hi guys (and gals),

I know this is an old thread but hopefully this can help some people.

We (at Skyriser Media) are working on WallpaperSync, a simple way of syncing wallpapers between multiple computers running Windows, Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone/iPad).

More info:

Right now only the Mac and Windows versions are out (beta), but we are working hard on the iPhone version.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.



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