How To Track My Boyfriend By His Cell Phone?


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Firstly, you must think why you want to track your boyfriend's phone. If it is due to a lack of trust then you should think about the bigger picture and if your relationship can survive without complete trust.

Secondly, tracking or hacking into a phone is invading the owner's privacy and is highly unethical. You need to put yourself in their shoes and think if you'd be happy with your boyfriend spying on your actions.

If you still wish to proceed with tracking your boyfriend's phone then there are a few things you are able to do. If you are just wanting to check their text messages, photos and call history then a simple but slightly risky way of doing it is to gain access to the phone when he is not there.

The ease of this depends on how protective he is of his phone. If he normally has it in his pocket then you will have to wait until he is having a shower or is busy in another room. Then you need to take his phone and quickly and discreetly check through his messages, photos and call history. This will give you all the information you are after and should confirm if he is doing anything he shouldn't or anything that could jeopardize your relationship.

If you do not want to physically go through his phone then there are some services available that let you access all the phone's activity. One of these programs can be found at There is a charge for the service after an initial trial. Be sure to read through all the directions on exactly how to do it.

But as stated earlier it is highly unethical to 'spy' on someone and you need to think about whether you can ever trust your boyfriend.

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