How Can I Get The Password To My Boyfriend Cell Phone?


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MAKE plans to go out and eat then tell him to put the phone in his coat pocket, then ak him to go see if the food is on its way the take the phone and go to the restroom and get the information you need believe me it should work.hope this helps you.good luck
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You can ask him for it. If he doesn't give it to you than you don't need it. By hacking into it or stealing his password you are violating his trust and when he finds out (because it is inevitable that he will) you will lose his trust and possible him. Everyone needs their privacy and if he feels that you don't need to have his password than you don't need to have it. If you fear that he's cheating on you than you have to talk to him about it first and explain to him why you think you should have it. Be careful in the way you state it though to make sure that you are not accusing him of anything.

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