How Do I Find My Boyfriend Using Gps On His Phone?


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Firstly you need access to his cell phone. To be able to track him you need a program that works for you - there are many free software solutions online, but you will need to purchase it, download it and then install it onto the phone before you will be able to track your boyfriend. Hence, you're going to need to use his phone for a while.

Once you've found a GPS tracking software that you want to use, install it on the phone. If you don't want to do this then you could use a GPS tracer chip. GPS chips can come so small these days that they are practically undetectable and can be inserted on the back on the back of the phone without anyone noticing. It will be powered by the cell phone that sends out a signal that can be monitored by you on your computer. You should search online to try and find a GPS tracking chip if you don't have the opportunity or the know how to find and install software onto the already GPS-enabled phone.

You'll then need tracing software on your computer. In order to see where your boyfriend is then you'll need software to see where the phone currently is. Most pieces of software you'll find online use either Mapquest or Google Maps, to make it easy for you to track and see where the phone is on the map. Finally, activate the tracking system. Any software that you use needs to be activated after it's installed. If it's possible, you should keep hold of the phone until you've activated the program, as most programs will send a message to the phone saying that the program has been activated and is ready to use.
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His GPS feature needs to be turned on through his phone, best thing, sign a google latitude account.

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