What Is 3G Cell Phone Technology?


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3-G cell phone technology stands for third generation technology. Video-calling or video telephony (where a caller can see the other person on the line) is the essence of 3G technology. The 3-G technology is associated with services wherein one can make a telephone call and transfer non-voice data like emails, downloads and instant messaging simultaneously. 3G networks operate on a different radio frequency compared to the one used by 2G or 2.5 G network providers. The first nation to implement 3G technology was Japan. As of now, there are about 62 3-G networks in as many as 25 nations across the globe, especially in Europe, USA and Asia. 3G services kicked off in Europe in the year 2003.

However there are still some issues which people have with the 3G technology. People have to shell out exorbitant amount of money for 3G service licenses. Further there are network issues and high prices for 3G mobile services in some nations. Also for video-calling to take place, both the networks bars on the caller's phone and the recipient's phone should be full.
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