What are disadvantages of 1g technology?


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The main disadvantage of 1g technology is that it makes use of analog rather than digital signals. This is a less effective means of transmitting information. It is significantly slower, and signals can not reach as far in terms of secluded areas and such - 2g and 3g signal is far more widespread. In addition, analogue signals are more likely to suffer interference problems. This can make using a mobile phone with analog signal more difficult. In all, the newer brands of 2g and 3g technology are more highly recommended.

  • 1g technology

1g - or first generation - technology is the technology utilized in the first wireless mobile phone handsets. It emerged in the 1980s, when the mobile phone began to rise in popularity with the general public. 1g technology was first used in Japan, and spread quickly to other parts of the world including the UK and America. 2g and 3g technology has built on the phenomenon of 1g technology, and although these later generations of technology are more effective, 1g technology provided the greatest scientific breakthrough.

  • 4g technology

The latest brand of mobile phone technology is fourth generation telecommunication technology. Fourth generation technology features many improvements from previous generations, including the ability of a mobile phone to effectively act as a mini personal computer. Internet connectivity on 4g handsets is quick and effective, and such mobile phones could easily be used to fully surf the net. 4g handsets include the iPhone 4 and the new HTC models.
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1g technology is very slow and not reliable, I know one provider using this technology. Comwave reviews You can read theirs reviews from live users on the best review site.

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