What are the disadvantages of technology?


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There are several disadvantages to modern technology. Let us take the internet, for example. Although it is a source of almost any material you can wish for, it is harmful when put in the wrong hands. There is a tremendous amount of distasteful material, such as indecent under age material, which can be shown, seen or viewed by the wrong people, which may lead to paedophilia.
Other examples include mobile phone tapping. Recently a number of people in the UK have taken people to court because their mobile phones have been intercepted for voicemail messages and SMS text messages. This is dangerous because we now live in a society where there are no real privacy laws.
You can be monitored online now for any such activity and the theme of Big Brother is really apparent. Often, people can gain access to your bank account details which may, in turn, lead to all sorts of other circumstances, ranging from extortion to withdrawing money. Scammers also live on the internet and, if given the opportunity, will try and scam you out of a lot of money through their devious schemes. They can lure innocent people into giving them money for no apparent reason, so be careful!
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There are various disadvantages of technology. Firstly, technology has increased the stress among the people because the load of work has increased. Secondly, communication technology has increased the interference of people in the lives of people. Thirdly, technology has badly affected our social lives. Fourthly, transportation technology has increased stressful traffic congestion in cities. Advancements in nuclear technology has created a fear of nuclear war among the countries at international level. Internet technology has given the birth of cyber crime and cyber crime rate is increasing more rapidly as compare to traditional crimes. Technology has also increased various kinds of diseases like eye problems, obesity etc. Moreover, technology has also snatched the innocence of children by giving them an easier access to adult material.
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First of all, the technology  lets a lot of crime. The terrorist can destroy a city with a press of a button. Second, there are unemployments. Machines are replacing people, and soon, we won't need people to work anymore. Third,we are depending too much on technology. Most people ride cars even for a short distance. Fourth, Americans are getting fatter, no offense, I got this from a website. They watch too much TV and don't excercise that much, the study said so. Fifth,  Global Warming. The CO2 comes from factories, cars, land clearing, transportation etc...  Sixth, there are cyber crimes. People plant spywares and bully people. Men pretending to be sweet little girls and kidnap little girls, again, no offense. Seventh, people cheat. THey can copy something and paste it for their essay or a speech. Lastly, people can get addicted to games, sorry and no offense and get distracted. They can't concentrate on their work. I don't know whether I should rely on technology anymore.
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Too much crime in the world....violent people because of technology

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