What Are The Disadvantages Of Digital Technology In Our Life?


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Reliance on technology keeps making us lazy and in some sectors unskilled. Because machines are replacing so many people some industries, such as welding for example, are become extreamly specialist with only a few business continuing to operate with human staff bases.

The obviously effects the economy by canceling out jobs but also means that if for some reason the machines stopped working then we would be left with no-one skilled enough to fill the holes.

Another issue is that the more machines we rely on the more the world becomes unindividualistic.
Machines can only make things one way, every product outputted will be the same, ones not the same will be filtered out by quality control. In the past every item you purchased was in some way, individual and a piece on unto itself.

Hope that gives you a few things to think about!
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Digital technology helps us maintain our busy lifestyles by making it possble to do everything online it is more convenient however makes us more lazy also degrades the work of journalists in some sense.

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