What Is The Market Share Of Orange Cell Service In UK?


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According to the data available for the second quarter of the year 2000, Orange has the market share of 23.42% in the UK and the total subscribers' base of the company is approximately 7.17 million. The percentage growth of the company is 1.46% and in terms of the number of subscribers, the growth is 1,200,000.

Basically Orange has gained the market share from Vodafone, the leading service provider with 30.57% market share, which has the downward growth of 1.77 %.

In the second quarter of 2000, Orange has dominated the growth of the market and is followed by one2one. Vodafone has also grown, but its growth percentage is almost half of Orange, and in terms of increase in the number of subscribers it has added only 572,000 subscribers, less than half of what orange has registered.

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