How To Unlock Huawei M750?


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If you access the following website:, then you can receive the correct unlock code for your Huawei M750 as well as the correct instructions to carry out the process. Keep in mind that you will need to enter your IMEI number and you will have to pay a small fee for this service. Once you have unlocked your phone you can start using all the features such as the MP3 music player. You can download music for your phone and it is very easy to do so.

- Step 1

Pick up the USB cable provided with your phone and connect to your Huawei device and then into your computer or laptop's USB port.

- Step 2

Once you have done that you should locate the 'settings' menu which should be displayed on your home menu. Click on the icon and then find the 'USB mode' setting and click 'activate'.

- Step 3

After that you should turn to your computer and locate the hard drive. This will be found by clicking on 'start' followed by 'computer'. Here you will find the hard drive. Double click on the icon representing your phone and then the main menu will appear.

- Step 4

Click on the 'my music' folder and then you can begin transferring songs. You need to keep in mind that this process will differ between various computers. However, the majority of the time you will be able to click, drag and drop. So, if you have iTunes for example, click on the appropriate song and then drag it into the 'my music' folder. If this doesn't work then check your computer's settings to understand the correct process.

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