How To Get The Hm Fly In Pokemon Soul Silver?


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Where to find the Pokemon Soul Silver HM fly is explained quite well in the game walk through on PokeDream. As a matter of fact, PokeDream has walk-throughs for all the Pokemon games, therefore it is definitely a good place to start.

  • Surfing from Olivine City
The best way to get to Cianwood is to surf there from Olivine City. While in the water, it is necessary to battle with a couple of trainers, and Tentacruel and Tentacool can be caught here, too. Krabby will be there somewhere, and on the way, a few rocks can be smashed using Rock Smash.

  • Gym leader Chuck
Cianwood Gym's leader is Chuck. It is possible to get to him after removing a few boulders with strength. Chuck usually trains the fighting Pokemon.

Beating him will earn $3000, a storm badge and the Dynamic Pouch, or TM 01. As a result, all Pokemon right up to level 70 will obey the player. In addition, the player can now use Fly even outside of any battles.

After defeating Chuck, talking to the lady located outside the gym, apparently Chuck's wife, will result in her handing over the HM 02 Fly. The player can now fly.

  • Recommendations by users
It appears that Chuck uses a poliwrath and a primape for the battle. Users recommend using a fighting type, high Sp. Def. Flying Pokemon with the really powerful move focus blast to tackle him.

  • Pictures, potions and Suicune
From here, it is then onwards to get a photo of one of the Pokemon taken, collecting a secret potion needed by Jasmine for a sick Pokemon and then on for a glimpse of Suicune and another battle, this time with Euisine.

After a visit to Poke Seer, the medicine is delivered to Jasmine, then it is time for another battle.
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You get fly when you beat chuck of cinnibar island gym and once you walk out of the gym you talk to his wife which is in front of the gym and she will give you fly

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