How To Get Jirachi In Mystery Dungon Explorers Of Sky?


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Challenger:  Jirachi
Objective:  Defeat Jirachi
Place:   Star Cave Pit   
Restrictions:  None
Difficulty:  B
Reward: ???
Code:  Nyc%f 0313f8= fJk26
  k=c45 q266h6t s2t-0
Explorers of Sky only
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I have the wonder mail for it. Here it is.
I'm Jirachi.I'd like to have a battle with the famous team(team name).
Objective:Defeat Jirachi.
Place:Star Cave Pit
Difficulty:  B  (30)
Wonder Mail S: F7hmm +h9p58- @7x-5
  x37&3  j58n2&p ttmr7
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Just do it... Don't use wondermail... Just beat bidoofs wish and receive challenge in the spinda's cafe. Pretty simple
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1st: Get item called Mystery Part
2nd: Go to Final Maze (have Mystery Part with you)
3rd: Find him/her and defeat it and it might join your team
4th: ENJOY!

TIP: ONLY in explorers of sky

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