How Do You Get A Thunderstone On Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Sky?


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Edward Atkinson answered
Here are two wondermail s with a Thunderstone as a reward one for the US/AU and one for EU

Escort a pokemon (Bulbasaur) to the first floor of Beach cave

Reward Thunderstone + ???

5#PP# 26-3J0S %=W%#
[email protected]@Y J#T6WM4 J-7XC

or if you on the EU one

X3S#K 75&KK5% &PK52

these are very simple to do accept the job then go into beach cave and once you get onto the 1F you have done it. Simple but easy thunderstone.

Other ways of getting Thunderstone

These two you will need luck and will take longer time to get a Thunderstone

sometime from rank 3* - 9* mission

sometime from a kecleon shop inside a dungeon

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