Who Is The Strongest Pokemon?


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I think its dialga or mewtwo
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Ditto. He can Transform into any pokemon!
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In terms of power - Pikachu, In terms of mental strength - Mew 2, in terms of physical power - I don't know
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But pikachu seems so weak...
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Not Ash's pikachu. He has trained his pikachu to be strong, Also, by power I meant electrical power.
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Jirachi is coz he knows the move DOOM DESIRE and that kills any pokemon and he is the wish maker plus arceus had help to make the universe from dialga palkia shaymin rayquaza kyogre deoxys and mew
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Well here is the top 2
1. Arceus
2. Giratina origin form

Giratina to me is better than arceus, it looks better.
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Pshhht just get a Gliscor to use guillotine and it will 1 hit KO any pokemon.
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There is no 'Strongest Pokemon'... But Since the sinnoh region has come out, Arceus has been the pokemon with the highest 'Base' stats, Before the sinnoh region, Mewtwo was the pokemon with the highest base stats... I mean with the most number of stat points altogether(att, def, sp.a, sp.d, spd, hp), and also with a neutral nature, for e.g: Docile nature... But there is such thing called EV Training, which if you defeat a pokemon, you will get ev points 1-3 into 1 stat, the max ev a pokemon can have is 510, and 255 in a single stat. And every 4 ev points you get, increases a stat by a single point..

For Example: If you were to defeat a bidoof, you would gain 1 Hp EV Point, if you defeat 3 more bidoof's, you would have a total of 4 health ev points, so the next time you level up, you will get an extra point in the health stat ,so instead of a +2 raise in hp, you would get a +3 raise.

Be aware that EV training can be very difficult if you are not an experienced player and understand the full concept of EV Training. Items such as the 'Power' items give a +4 ev point bonus your win, so if you defeat a bidoof, while your pokemon is holding the Power Weight, you will gain 5health ev points instead of 1.

Note that EV training is mainly for online players, who play very competitive. They use this to have certain pokemon for defence, attack and speed etc... Hope I helped :D
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There is no strongest Pokemon. It is all in how they are played. Many people would say Arceus is the strongest, and Magikarp as the weakest. However, a Magikarp could beat an Arceus, if the Arceus' trainer was unskilled. It really depends on how they are used,  but I would say Arceus cause it made the Pokemon Universe.
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It is almost impossible to beat an Arceus with a Magikarp, as it knows no attack moves until lv50+ and its only like flail and tackle.

How do i know this? I have a level 100 Magikarp :D EPIC!
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Arceus can change its type depending on the plate its holding, but mew ban learn any move its one of those two but of course this question is really just an opinion
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Arceus and glicgor because glicgor can do I hit KO with guilltione to any pokemon
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Who gained 461 points in 1 hour
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Dude. Guillotine can't hit ghosttypes so shudnt that make the strongest one kyogre? Or no wait. Articuno. Ultumate combo. Mind reader, sheer cold! Mind reader is like lock on! Omg! Articuno is the strongest pokemon! Omg
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You guys ar idiots it is so easily shaymon, lucario or arcius because shaymon is awsome, lucario is super strong and arcius is the king of legendarys

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