What Is The Strongest Non-legendary Grass-type Pokemon In Pokemon Pearl Before The National Pokedex?


8 Answers

John Chilberg Profile
John Chilberg answered
Probably torterra or roserade
Super man Profile
Super man answered
Torterra . .
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I was actually about to say it could also be torterra or roserade I say those are the most powerful
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Tropius is the strongest. You can catch him in great marsh or ill trade you for a lv 100 shay min sky form
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Its not torterra and roserade its troptius but you can't catch him you only see him with a trainer oh before the national pokedex oh I would say torterra yeh
sonic san Profile
sonic san answered
It is torterra.After national dex it would probably be Tropius, Venusaur, Sceptile or Meganium.
Tux Guin Profile
Tux Guin answered
Well, it depends on the level and the moves of the pokemon too, so really it is impossible to tell - others are better at different things ---- one may have good moves and bad stats --- another may have bad move but great stats ------ so you really can't tell

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