The Symantec Endpoint Protection engine, used to scan files, folders, and memory locations for different types of malware, is a good example of a _________-based intrusion detection/prevention software.


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The Symantec Endpoint Protection engine is a good example of a host-based intrusion detection/prevention software package. The software program scans material stored on a computer system for any potential malware threats. In addition, it can be used to check for viruses on incoming content such as that coming in from downloads or USB pen drives. It differs from a network-based security program, which aims to keep the network secure rather than individual computer systems. A number of versions of the Symantec Endpoint Protection engine are available to be downloaded onto a computer system; the latest is always the best choice as new developments in viruses have been taken into account.
  • Anti-virus system software
Anti-virus software aims to detect viruses or malware threats entering a computer system and prevent them from infecting the computer. They use sophisticated scanning software to ensure files and folders are safe and do not include malicious content. Malware protection programs can reject a whole host of threats to your computer, and often do so without any user interference. Sometimes, the computer user will be notified about a potential threat and be asked to take action.
  • The benefits of installing anti-virus software
Anti-virus software could prevent a range of problems with your computer. If a virus was to infect your system, you would lose vital operations and may not be able to access your computer at all for use. In addition, important data could be permanently erased. Usually, you will have to take your computer to a software technician to have malware removed. This can be costly, so it is a much better idea to avoid getting into such a situation in the first place by using an anti-virus program.

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