How Can Computers Be Beneficial To The Business And Include Example Or Types Of Software?


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The introduction of computers to the workplace has revolutionised business both in local markets and across the world. The benefits of having computers in a business are endless and they have helped small companies transform and expand into large markets. Computers biggest benefits to a business include multi-task capability, cost effectiveness, increased access and organisation.

The use of computers allows a business to multitask a number of highly complex activities at once. The computer’s use as a multimedia tool gives a business the freedom to be more independent. The computer’s ability to run complicated software such as databases and accountancy programs eliminates the need for outsourcing by allowing staff to handle jobs that otherwise would have been assigned to external parties. This means that the business can become more efficient and in-house. 

Computers also have a cost-effective benefit on businesses. With more and more emerging innovations, there is a wider range of affordable technology. This can help companies cut costs in both the staff payroll and office equipment. Software such as emails allows a business to decrease postage costs, video conference calls reduce travels costs, accountancy software can even reduce the price of employing an accountancy department.

Small community social networks that are set up on a business’ computer system can link up with regional and national ones easily. This allows a company to have an increased access the globalised market and helps keep the market up-to-date and allows for word-of-mouth marketing.

With such a large range of software available to businesses, there are plenty of ways that a company can use computers to keep track of files, deadlines and events. Computers can be used to organise a business’ information in a way that is inexpensive, takes up little space and is easy to retrieve. This easier ability to organise helps a company have better time management.
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How can computers be beneficial to the business and include example or type of software
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In current scenario one cannot imagine a workplace without computers. Computers as well as other digital devices had affected businesses, work place and personal life of an individual to a greater extent. 

In a Company, computers play an important role and are used to full fill many purposes like to save money, for time management, to increase productivity of a worker, to track business activities, to interact with distant employees or clients and many more. 

Some general apps/software which is used by businesses includes Int Quickbooks Pro (accounting software), Mozy (backup and recovery software), Vyew (collaboration tools), UberConference, Anytimemeeting (web meeting tools) etc. 

These tools help companies to achieve their goals by making the task easier, faster as well as economical.

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How can a computer not be useful for business? Are you from the stone age? You will not even be able to make a normal table with accounting if you use a piece of paper and a pen. In addition, now many people use the services of various online services for trading, for example, following website. How can you perform these actions without a computer?

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