How To Create Hidden Files In VB.NET?


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Visual Basic Net or VB.NET is a type of computer language that is oriented towards the object. This language can be regarded as successor of Microsoft's Visual Basic operated on the Microsoft.NET structure.

The preamble of this technology has seen much controversy, as vital modifications were made which shattered backward compatibility with VB and resulted in a feud in the developer community. As of the month November in the year 2006, there are so far three variations of Visual Basic .NET.

One cannot really hide files very well on a computer, unless one has really sophisticated software to do so. Anyone who may know how to see hidden files can easily gain access to it. The best solution would be to copy the information in a flash drive or even a CD to keep it safe.
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Dim fileDetail As IO.FileInfo = My.Computer.FileSystem.GetFileInfo("yourfile.jpg")
fileDetail.IsReadOnly = True
fileDetail.Attributes = fileDetail.Attributes Or IO.FileAttributes.Hidden

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