What Is Meant By The Terms Multimedia And Hypermedia? Distinguish Between These Two Concepts?


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The term multimedia is defined as a set of applications which are used basically to define those applications and technologies which manipulate text, data, images, voice and full motion video objects. In the simplest terms, the word multimedia is defined as the use of several different media to convey information in the form of text, audio, graphics, animation, video and interactivity. Multimedia also refers to computer media. Multimedia basically implies that there is less interaction between the user and the multimedia program or presentation.

On the other hand, the term hypermedia is a term which is used as a logical extension of the word hypertext. In hypermedia, audio, video, plain text and non-linear intertwine. The result is generally a non-linear medium of information. This contrasts with the term multimedia. Multimedia is essentially a linear medium of information even though it often capable of random access in terms of the physical medium.

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