How Do I Fix A Computer Monitor That Turns Completely Blank (all White)?


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This depends on the situation - is it when you turn it on? Turn it off? All the time? When you click on something? Did someone play around with your brightness and contrast ? Try changing the monitor settings via the buttons on your monitor. If all else fails, simply buy a new one!
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Froglet obviously has never experienced this problem if he is asking these types of questions. This is something I have encountered numerous times at work with multiple monitors. In short, your monitor is dying.

My personal monitor at home is having worse problems. It is doing it all the time now. I do not know if it has to do with the adapter that I got for it (a cheap 12V 4A replacement from eBay) or if it was ready to be defective to begin with. Either way, you probably don't have the tools to do it on your own so take it to a shop that does hardware work or send it in for warranty. Just buy another if you can't do either when the monitor finally dies.

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