What is meant by the terms data capture and input device?


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The term data capture is used to describe the process of collecting data, whilst the term input device is used to describe the equipment which is used to collaborate the data.

In order to have a database, or group of information or statistics, the data must first be captured. Forms are often used to do this, but technology is now often added to the equation. 

An input device is a piece of technology which is used to put all the data on to a computer. The data is input using an input device onto a computer, for example a keyboard is an input device. A computer screen, however, is not, as this is instead considered an output device.

Here is a simple video which explains more about data capture and input device, and how these two terms link together:

We are always coming up with new technologies; it would be interesting to see what we come up with in the future to capture and input our data. Hopefully we are a long way off the technology seen in sci-fi films like Minority Report!

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