What Are The Advantages Of Having A Computer?


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A Computer is an electronic device that processes data according to a given list of instructions. It has many uses and advantages. Some of them are as follows:

- Easy processing of complex tasks.
- It saves time by quick manipulation of data as compared to when done manually.
- The errors in data processing are minimized when a computer is used.
- It has helped in making communication easier by using internet.
- It stores, retrieves, and processes a large amount of data.
- It helps in multitasking of various jobs.
- Data is more secure and easier to use.

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There are various advantages of computers and computer is considered as the major development of science and technology. The first advantage of computer is that it is a good source of information. Nowadays, you can sit at your home and can get all information about every topic through your computer. Secondly, computer is a tool of communication and through internet technology, you can contact any person of the world. Thirdly, computer is a good storage device and all data can be saved and retrieved on the computer. Moreover, computer has also reduced the manual work at the work places. In fact computer is becoming a necessity in all fields of life.
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The advantages of having a computer is because simply due to everything you could possibly think. You can do it on a computer. You can store and download music. You can send messages to friends and family. You can also pay bills on the computer which makes it easier at home for those who can't seem to get out. The advantages of a computer is great. Who wouldn't want one. You can do just about anything on a computer, and everyday it just gets better and better. Only because we (humans) come up with something everyday to make life more easier. Which is good in my book.
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Having a computer is very useful. With a computer, you can word process documents, and this is very useful if you need to send out letters to companies as letters are usually typed and not handwritten. You can also type out memos and reports, and create databases using Microsoft Access.

You can also upload pictures from a digital camera to a computer and print them out, and if you have a photo manipulation program such as PhotoShop then you can alter the size of the photos and add effects to them etc.

Also if you set up your computer to the internet then there are many things that you can do, such as set up an email account, visit websites of your choice, instant message your friends, send pictures to friends via email, join a social networking website and much more.
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Computers are very helpful machines which allows us to save several types of data like Audio, Video etc. At the same time with different popular softwares like MS Office, It provides us great ways of data processing. Computers are also a source of connecting to Internet and opening gates to unimaginable ways of entertainment, knowledge sharing and getting, starting different online businesses and online shopping etc. Computer along with its ever evolving hardwares and softwares have made the modern society dependent on them.
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It is easy to search
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They can process, store, track and organize information as well as minimize paper and files as these items can be stored on a computer thereby eliminating the need for a lot of otherwise space that would be taken up by the storage of paper. They can process accounting and related information with assurance of the calculations as well as the posting to accounts and ledgers. They can also do calculations needed for engineering and other number intensive professions with ease as well as reliability. The also allow communications with people and organizations far from the locations at minimal cost compared to other means of communication.
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It can help us for searching information on the internet . And we can chat with our friends . Except this , we can also type on it and print the paper instead of writing it .I think the computer is a very intelligent and useful machine , it help us very much for works , projects and other things in our life .
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a computer is very useful ina day to day chngeble world like this
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1-easier to do research.
2-easy to keep in touch with friends .
3-it helps build skill that you will probably need in the future .
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There are many advantages to having a computer. For instance, you can type up pieces of work instead of writing themPlay fun gamesbe able to use the internet (the biggest encyclopedia in the world)You can mail your friends keep pictures and store musicYou can play music and even on some macs create music!If you are thinking of getting a pc you will be able to store videos and createthemYou will also be able to watch and download movies Altogether having a computer is great!
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1. Many advantages of a computer, it has become an important household item. A computer operated by an individual without any specific computer operator is called as a personal computer (PC).

2. One can write more effectively by means of a computer. There are tools like spelling and grammar checker, thesaurus and dictionary, installed in the computer.

3. A computer is a really comfortable, convenient and helpful thing; it often makes lots of work for us which normally consumes plenty of time.
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We can search the meaning of what we don't know the meaning.....and we search the meaning we just copy paste it and print it out....

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