How Do You Remove IM (Instant Messengers)?


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To remove I'm Go to your Control Panel, click Add/remove programs, then click on the I'm messenger and then click remove. You should ideally uninstall yahoo messenger totally through Add/Remove programs. After uninstalling you should go to the Yahoo Folder in the Program Files of your Hard Drive. Open the yahoo folder and delete the "messenger" folder. Run a registry cleaner to take care of some junk files which do not go away. You can also ask someone who is adept with cleaning the registry entries.

Removal of I'm (Instant Messenger) worms is needed when it is infected by worms. The most important thing to know is not to click any link received in I'm, unless you have confirmed that the sender has sent it in good faith.  Please note the link in "away" messages is often hot-beds for I'm worms.

Do not open any attachment which comes your way all of a sudden. First verify that the sender has intended to send it. Before opening any attachment, scan it first with updated antivirus software. Also keep the number of I'm clients to a minimum. If your system gets infected by an I'm worm, remove that all of your contacts are prone to be vulnerable. To avoid sending the infection to others, log off from the Internet, till you are able to totally obliterate the infection. Uninstall the I'm client until you have totally deleted the infected files. Ask a pal to burn the latest copy of antivirus software to a CD and run the CD. However there is nothing like keeping your anti-virus software up-to-date.

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