What Are Advantages Of Computer Hacking?


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Hacking a word which is famous all over the world now and many official and big companies are now scared of this word . It is obvious that hacking is not a good thing to do but in today's generation we should take strict measure to get rid of this this word. I will only say that to stop this practice we should now become a hacker and think like a hacker mind.
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The main advantage to detect the cyber crimes...


To monitor the terror activities in internet...


Think it over...

a coin has two sides

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If you are planning on hacking, I would strongly recommend that you do not do that. Hacking allows you to get into someone else's or a business's computer and access the data on the computer. Some of the advantages is you can see private and sometimes information that you aren't supposed to see.
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Well you can probable get in to others- bank accounts- and get money..find thing out about people ..other things to.etc.   Take care.
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Originally hacking was made to get information from other computers but now however people to hack for other things like free runescape accounts or they use runescape botters and stuff which is still a hack also they hack for money or something but in the end there are no advantages because there are always people who can create a back door while your not looking at your computer and find you and then you would go to Jail

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