How Do I Save Shockwave Files In My Computer?


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Saving shockwave files involves a trick. When you have visited the web page, which contains the shockwave file (Game or anything), remember its path. Click Tools from file menu (if you have Internet Explorer) and select Internet options. In the General Tab press the Settings button.

A new window will appear, click View Files button. A folder will be opened, from the columns click on the Internet Address. All the files will be sorted by Internet Address. Now find your web page address. You desire file will be there and you can copy and paste it to other location. The shockwave file will have the extension DIR. These file will be opened in Internet Explorer only. If you are using any other browser then you can find shockwave files in its temporary web files folder. Then these files will run only in those browsers.

Some shockwave files run only online as they are programmed to do so. In this case saving these files may not be useful.

You can also use Movies Extractor Scout 2.13. This software can be used to extract the Flash Movies, Shockwave movies and MPG movies. This is an easy to use software and available for free to try.

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