How Do You Rip & Burn Karaoke Discs?


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You can either use cd or dvd to To Burn Karaoke music.The Karaoke File can be in wav or mp3 format.But its format does not matter since you will need to burn it in audio format.If the size is larger than 700mb for your Karaoke Files then you will have to use a dvd.
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You can rip and burn karaoke discs by a special format. All you need is a CD writer and a special blank CD called CD+G. CD stands for Compact Disc and G stands for Graphics. This type of CD is used to display the lyrics along with the karaoke file. These type of CDs are easily available in the market. Some of the software which help your ripping and burning karaoke discs are Power CD+G, AV Burning Studio, Nero Express and Power Karaoke. Most of these softwares are free to use and some have to be paid after a trial period.
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