How Do I Take Copy Protected Off Vhs Tape?


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The tape is 'protected' by a system called Macrovision, which is supposed to prevent transfer to another recording medium.

Technically macrovision is a joke, but most recorder manufacturers have been bullied into making units that refuse to record the signal if macrovision pulses are present.

A quick Google should turn up many devices in the sub $50 range that will 'scrub' macrovision from the output signal of your VCR. 

Keep in mind that such devices may be technically illegal in your state.
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How can I copy a vhs or dvd when it is protected?
If it is protected how can I get it so it is no longer protected?
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By the sounds of it, may have to purchase addtional hardware or wire up a "hack" set up to get around the copyright protection. Legally, I don't you should have any problems as essentially you are making a copy of your own video that you have bought for your own personal use.

To find a useful thread on what people have done to get around this previously, you might like to go here.

Good luck and I hope it works for you!

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