What Are The Uses Of GSM?


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The term GSM is an abbreviation for Global System for Mobile communications. It was originally used as an abbreviation for Groupe Spécial Mobile. GSM is a standard for mobile telephones all over the world. While there are other such standards as CDMA (code Division Multiple Access), GSM is the most popular form of telephone communication, and is nowadays available at almost all locations in the world. GSM enables users to make use of their phones for mobile communications. The popularity of GSM is evident from the number of users – over 2 billion people all across the world use GSM technology nowadays.

GSM enables users to make use of their cell phones in places other than their country of origin. For example if you subscribed to a GSM connection in New York City, you could still use the same connection if you are in London. GSM technology provides users with high quality signal and speech channels, giving them access to high quality digital communication at very affordable rates. GSM network operators can provide their customers with cheap calling and text messaging options.
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Global System for Mobile Communications or as it was originally known as "Group Special Mobile" is a network composed of many sections or functional entities. These functions and the interactions between them is the GSM network. A GSM network is made up of three parts. A GSM phone that's carried by every subscriber is a Mobile Station. The mobile station keeps in constant contact with the Base Station Subsystem. The maximum range that the Mobile and the Base Station can communicate is about 22 miles. The third and the main part of this system is the Mobile services Switching center (MSC). The MSC does the switching of calls and also connects mobiles to fixed line networks. The communication between the mobile and Base Station Subsystem is done in "Um" interface and between Base Station Subsystem and MSC, by using "A" interface.
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The full form of GSM is Global system for Mobile Communication. GSM is one of the most famous working standards for mobile phones all over the world.

Over two billion people use the GSM services across 212 countries and territories in the world. The utility of GSM makes national and international roaming very simple and easy between mobile phone operators, which enable users to use their cell phone in various parts of the world.

Most GSM networks work on 900 MHz or 1800 MHz bands. Western countries like USA and Canada function on the 850 MHz and 1900 MHz bands. Few countries like Scandinavia use the rarer frequency like 400 MHz and 450 MHz which were earlier used for the first generation phones.

The transmission power used in GSM850/900 is 1 watt and the one used in GSM1800/1900 is maximum 2 watt.

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