What Are The Uses Of Electric Light?


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Electric light can be use in many things. Like in house lightings, laboratory works, classrooms, factories, main roads, etc. There are so many applications of electric lights ^^
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light can be used:

  • in theatres and/or for other events, such as
        in discotheques
  • in vehicles, to avoid accidents during the
  • to advertise certain products. For example,
        it is used in window dressing
  • in photography, to change light effects

You can
check out this link, to get more information about electric light.

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Electric light is useless.

We should go back to the days of oil lamps.

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in our homes.

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Incandescent lamps: the filament lamp works on the heating effect of a current. The wire used to make the filament is tungsten. Tungsten is chosen because of its high resistivity and high melting point. Besides being made of a high resistivity material, the filament is made very thin to give it a high resistance than the rest of the circuit.

When a current flows through the filament, the filament becomes white hot. The higher the temperature of the filament, the greater is the proportion of electric energy that is converted into light energy. The purpose of the coiled coil is to make the filament compact as well as to reduce the convection currents being set up in the gas within the glass bulb. This glass bulb is usually filled with argon or nitrogen (both inert gases) as tungsten oxidizes at high temperature when exposed to air.

The filament lamp has two disadvantages:
-Only about ten percent of the electrical energy supplied is converted to light. The rest of the ninety percent is converted to heat. This explains why it is very warm when you use a filament lamp.
-Filament lamps casts' sharp shadows hence it is not desirable for school or offices. However it is extensively used at homes.
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Electric light is a device that produces light by the flow of electric current.Now-a-days electric light is essential to modern society.It is used in many ways it provides lights to houses,buildings,offices,schools,roads,factories etc.

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