How do I reset Facebook password without email?


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carter lee answered

(1) Via phone, if you set up two-factor authentication via a phone number.

(2) If you are logged in, of course, it is easy enough to add a temporary email address and use that to recover the password.

If you are locked out and have neither phone nor email the situation is more problematic.

(3) Several years ago I was able to recover an account through an FB process in which it queried me to identify various friends and perhaps other variables. I would not be surprised if they no longer do that.

(4) So the next best approach is to contact Facebook, ideally by phone, and negotiate their authentication methods.

(5) Another method, assuming you have your own computer and have logged into FB on that computer, is to use software that will recover old passwords. There is plenty of forensic software you can purchase, but I have used Dashlane free or trial version and found to my surprise that it uncovered old password on my old laptop for old accounts that I had not used in ages. The passwords still worked. So you can try Dashlane or other data recovery, forensic or password management software. If you want to get more information to visit here.

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