How To Hack Someones Youtube Password?


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Hacking another person’s YouTube account severely violates the user agreements of the website and even if you do not do anything with the account, it is still illegal. Youtube state that accessing and using someone else’s account without his or her authorisation is breaking the law and can lead to some serious consequences.

If it is you that has had your YouTube account hacked or you think it has been compromised in some way, there are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of it happening again and to secure your account further. If, after the hack, you can still access your account and get into the settings, it is important to change your password straight away. If your previous password was a single word or phrase, then hackers can use software to discover it. When you set a new password make sure it is as safe as possible. Including numbers and symbols into your password is a good way to avoid being hacked, as is including a mix of lowercase and capital letters and creating a password that is more than eight letters long.

Try not to use a word that relates to your personal information or a sequence of numbers that match your date of birth, and do not give your password to anyone. After all, if you write it down, you can never be sure what social links could result in your account being hacked. If you are worried about being hacked again, then change your password every few months and make sure it is not the same as any other passwords you have. If you have information about who may have hacked your account, contact YouTube with as much detail as possible. There are ways of tracking down hackers so every bit of information can be extremely helpful.

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