Can Any One Give Me Their Youtube Username And Password Please?


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Hannah Barton answered
When signing up to Youtube, you have to agree to their terms and conditions and one of these is that you will not allow anyone else to use your username and password for the site.

  • Normal procedure
This does sound a little crazy but there are many sites where this is the norm and there are many rules and regulations about using other peoples accounts online. For Youtube, I think that this is such an important issue as the site gives you the opportunity to post comments and upload video content. If any of this video content or comments are illegal or offensive, then the Youtube administrators will know exactly who posted them, where they are and how to contact them.

  • Age restrictions
There are also age restrictions on some videos and sections of the site. You have to enter your age when you sign up so when you log on, the site will be able to work out whether you are allowed to access restricted content.

  • Setting up a Youtube account
It is easy to set up a You Tube username and password, here are some steps to follow;

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your details in all of the fields. Create a username and password when prompted. You will have to enter this twice so that there is less of a chance of a typo.
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions of your account and if you agree click accept.
  4. You now have a You Tube account.

    This takes a very small amount of time to set up and you will be able to access all of the content You Tube has to offer for years to come.
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Dude, you can just take 5 minutes to get your own instead of wasting your time waiting for someone else's! People are so strange these days!
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You guys are all hackers, but here is mine. It might be expired by it migth still work. Oh also, I have 32 videos on this account. Have fun!

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Willard NOYB answered
Why would you not open up your own account? If you've been banned for some reason why in the world would someone gamble with their own account?!!!

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