What Is A Good Social Network Maker For Free? *please Not Ning* I Currently Use Socialgo


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Creating your own social network is a lot of fun, and there are now a number of websites offering this service on a free trial basis, or completely for free, from start to finish. Apart from Ning, there are a few others, and if you currently use SocialGo and are getting on well with its features, you might enjoy one of the following:

  • Mixxt.net
Mixxt.net is a new, social network website creator, and the site can indeed be used for free. Mixxt.com has three different packages; one is €19.00, the second is €9.00 and other third is absolutely free. When you select the free option, you miss out on a few features, but the major differences with the free version compared to the pay versions is that your social networking site will contain advertisements. You will also be restricted to linking the social networking site to a domain name. Apart from that though, you will be given complete panel control, complete management of the design and customization, the ability to send two newsletters a month, unlimited users and page views, and 1GB of space.

  • Crowdvine.com
Crowdvine.com is another modern social network maker that can be used for free, and the company offers a professional service or a personal service. When using Crowdvine.com, you can pay to have the company create one for you, professionally, or you can choose to create the social network yourself where you can choose the 'free' package.

  • Groupsite.com:
Groupsite.com is fast becoming a very popular choice with those looking to create their own social network, and the professional company are currently offering a free trial. The trial lasts 30 days, and from then on, is a pay service.

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