How To Get On Youtube At School When Its Blocked?


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There are many hundreds of ways to block websites.   I'll need more information in order to give you a good answer.  
How good is your school's computer tech and what kind of server is being used?
In some cases it might be as easy as changing proxy settings in your internet browser, using a different browser or finding a proxy site.   In other cases you might need to use a program which will connect you to a VPN (Virtual private network) or a privately maintained DNS in order to get around the block.
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Just press f5
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You just go another site which provide you the same function like youtube
some other video provider site are and
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You can try to go to Firefox instead of Internet Explorer; me and my friends had to do that once on a retarded computer that wouldn't let us on YouTube even though it isn't supposed to be blocked at my school, since the teachers show us educational things on it.
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Kk look @ the little world on the computer and click on that and unblock it that way or right click the Start button and go to diffcult and it says unblock click on that or go to google and type in youtube/kids and THEN go to HOME on youtube
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You will get in to trouble for no use. Avoid such things.
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It's Probably Blocked For A Reason.   You Tube Is Full Of All Sorts Of Bizarre Nasty Videos. People Will Do Anything To Other People And To Themselves Just To Get On You Tube
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You don't. If it's blocked, it's blocked.   That's the security purposes in place to protect YOU & the school.
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Why is it so important to you to get to the "You Tube" site at school ,it will only get you in troble when you break the rules ( think about it , is it worth it ?).
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Sneak in a Mac iPad or a small laptop that'll work with wifi if it's available. I'm going to go to Hell for telling you how to commit a sin.
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Sorry for not answering more of ure Q. I just forget all the time and there is nothing you can do about the school thing its blocked for a reason just get youtube at home you don't need it all the time honey xxx
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It's probably blocked 4 a reason.... Don't go break the rules, you might land yourslef in trouble. If you want to go on that badly, use your cell phone;)
There is a option named blocked sites. But I donot know where the option is. If you find it then delet www.utube,com from there
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It's school. Youtube is not allowed. Because the teachers don want the student to watch somethin un apropriate on it. Thats y   it all blocked. Even at my school. They want us to have a good aducation
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Go to j and type in com and it goes through the firewall and gets you to youtube,
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This free service can unblock youtube video and facebook web site from home, office or school:

It uses PPTP VPN with very fast and reliable connection, the free service get fund from online advertisement so it keeps FREE forever! Most Windows, OSX, iPhone, iPad, Android phones have PPTP VPN client built-in, so no software installation needed, FYI.
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I'm surprised at you, Cold for even thinking to do this.   Your school blocks it for a reason. I would obey the rules if I were you.....Unless you relish the thought of spending the rest of your summer in
jail ?
You shouldn't be watching you Tube from school. You should be doing school work or homework. Nothing else.

If your trying to do a project from there with it, that's different. Just get permission from the school Principal or Dean. I'm sure they would be understanding, if it's that important to you.

Just my 2 cents. Sorry if my answer upsets you.


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