How To Block Numbers On Cricket?


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To block numbers for any network you can do a number of things. If you simply wish not to receive calls from this particular number, you can contact Cricket directly on their customer service number 1-800-CRICKET from any phone or if you're calling from a cricket phone *611. They will take the details of this phone number and will put a block on the system for you. This may take a few days to implement and you will still receive the calls until the Cricket system has updated.
There is an alternative to doing this. You can download an application if you have a smartphone which will block a number for you. Examples of these apps include:
  • Call blocker professional
  • Call block unlimited
  • Mcleaner
  • iBlacklist
  • PrivacyStar
These are just a few of the apps available and there are many more on the market. The advantages of getting an application for your cell phone rather than having Cricket do it on their system is that you can add numbers to block at any time, it usually happens instantly and you can reverse the call block at any time you wish to.
These are great for temporary call blocking or if you wish to block multiple numbers.
If you are trying to block a nuisance caller or someone that is calling excessively, you can always go to the police if the incidents are getting serious. They will be able to not only block this number, but monitor the calls and give an excessive caller a warning to stop doing so as it could be classed as harassment. If this is getting to the level of harassment, you should get the authorities involved so that this caller does not do this again to another person.

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