How To Hack Nokia Keyguard Password?


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There is no way to hack a Nokia keyguard password - these passwords are unique, and they can only be accessed by Nokia cell phone owners who have purchased their cell phones in a legal manner. To attempt a jailbreak of your Nokia keyguard, you can try to enter the number, 12345 and then see what happens. For some people, this trick seems to work - however, for others, it does nothing at all. There is a rumor that Nokia uses the code, 12345, as the default password for its Nokia Keyguard; however, the rate of failure for this trick seems very high, so this rumor may indeed be a false red herring that leads people astray, and just doesn't work too well in reality.

  • Hacking websites are sketchy

There are also hacking websites that promise Nokia users the very best in unlocking codes, but a visit to these websites reveals some deception - usually, these sites aren't offering password codes at all - instead, they are offering toolbar downloads and other add-ons for Nokia cell phones. As well, these sorts of hacking websites are often a little sketchy, and they may be prime breeding grounds for all manner of computer viruses and phishing scams. To be safe, stay away...

  • Contact Nokia

The best way to contact Nokia is through their official website, which offers service to many different countries. Find the Contact Us section of the website, and then send technical support an email requesting the keyguard password code.  It's important to understand that Nokia may not supply you with the information you want, unless you can prove that you've bought a Nokia cell phone legally; a serial number or some other proof of purchase may be required. 

Hopefully, with these tips, you'll have the information you need to move forward and unlock your Nokia cell phone keyguard.

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