How To I Hack All Nokia Mobile?


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For the first time to write tutorials, badly written, but Never mind.

Note: Please uninstall any Nokia related software (including: Pc suite, data-line drive, and the old versions of Phoenix and Diego software) first. Also, hacking might be illegal depends on what country you are in.
1. Download and install Diego

Downloads: 55667793 Diego 3 06.msi

Installation Diego

2. Download and install Phoenix 2004 + crack version

Download: Phoenix service sw 2004 39 7 70.exe

Download: Phoenix service sw 2004 39 7 70 crack.exe crack file

Install Phoenix 2004

a. Open the crack files, first do not click the Install

b. Open the Phoenix 2004 installation file, click next to continue the on-screen prompts.

C. When prompted for a Nokia dongle, click Retry, then quickly click to install crack file, overwrite DLL files.

D. When to remind you that when you restart to restart the computer, will not necessarily remind you to restart the computer, did not warn you do not need to restart your computer.

3. Download and install the data line driver

Download: Nokia Conn Cable Driver 159 ita.msi

Installation Data Line Driver

Do not worry about the installer can not read, as long as the click Continue (Avanti) until the driver installed.

4. Upgrade Phoenix 2004 to Phoenix 2006

Download: Phoenix service sw 2006 12 5 136.exe

Upgrade to Phoenix 2006 (updated support for brush models, such as the N80).

A. Double-click the desktop icon to open Phoenix.

B. Minimize the Phoenix (When it comes to what to keep its operation running state).

C. Open the Phoenix 2006 installer, follow the prompts.

D. When you are prompted to restart the selection of "I will restart later".

E. Close just opened Phoenix (must be kept to a minimum of state off).

F. Double-click the desktop icon again to open Phoenix.

G. Click Help (Help) menu item, select About (About) to confirm whether the 2006 version, note that this must not look to restart your computer.

Download your cell phone version of the firmware

5. Refresh Nokia phone firmware

Install N70_RM-84_dp_v51.0_SW5.0609.2.0.1_APAC (Asia-Pacific Pass brush package, there are many versions of the brush like a time when attention to the selection CODE)

This file will be automatically installed into the Phoenix directory, if it is to upgrade v5.0616 not vote for a friend here.

A. Remove the memory card inside your phone personally did not think the SIM card removed, (because the SIM card did not put it off-line mode will be more error-prone).

B. Turn on your cell phone.

C. The USB cable were connected to mobile phones and computers.

D. Computer will automatically install the phone drivers.

E. Wait for the PC installed all drivers, drive until you are prompted to install a small icon disappears.

F. In the Phoenix software, select File - "Operation connection (File, Manage Connections).

G. Select USB, click Continue (Next).

H. Software will search your computer's USB port, when finding a cell phone, click Finish (Finish).

I. When the scan is complete, click on accept (apply), and then click on (off).

J. Then in the file (File) menu, select Scan product (Scan Product).

K. If you are operating correctly, you will see the main window of the Phoenix mobile phone version of the information, which is very important! If you do not see a similar message or mobile phone has not been found, stopped. You just steps may wrong.

L. In the refresh (Flashing) menu, choose SW Update.

M. To wait for Phoenix and mobile phones to exchange information. In the SW Update window, you will see some scrolling messages.

N. Select the suffix to. CO document as image files (Image File) In this proposal we go when the PRODUCT of the CODE option 0,530,415 (this figure does not necessarily quasi-cutting, no mind, but after brushing his back must be 15 and 16 2 on the line, there is sure to see Hong Kong's English words) HONGKONG, Brush program back to the file suffix is automatically selected. CO, and. VO14 (Asia-Pacific Pass brush) there is my screenshot below is the brush hair customized version of the Hong Kong version of CSL has wanted the same on the choice of screenshots CODE. I personally believe that there is the choice of better health is to be replaced by # line. And there is no custom content, you can also pass brush. In order to brush 5.0616 version of the friends made a little change Well, this column is not required CODE option directly in the IMAGE FILE and PPM FILE option 5.0616 Brush inside the package inside the two document OK (this is also the Asia-Pacific Edition Upgrade package Pass brush)

p. Click the Start button (Start)

* Refresh about for 5 minutes, in front of a few steps to identify and cell phone connections. When the Phoenix verify the connection, it will automatically restart the phone. When the update at the end (there will be a dialog box explains that the successful completion of completed successfully), you can close Phoenix, unplug the data cable, restart your phone. It will benefit from your the updated version of the runs.

* If you restart the computer, Phoenix 2006 will not be able to use, when you open it, it will prompt you need to Nokia dongle. At this time, I now know that only can do is to uninstall the Phoenix. However, now there have been so Phoenix 2006 can be used approach, but more complicated, where no introduction, if there is a need to send me another.

Please note that personal experience when the best brush machine brush machine with Zhang SIM cards, so that will not be any problem, as well as Brush the software installation steps must not be wrong, or you just all start all over again, there is you loaded the wrong software must be removed through the control panel, we must all be deleted again. State Bank machines can still brush but be sure to find the State Bank documents.

There is this tutorial for 6680,6681, N80, N90 and other BB5 models, but there must be corresponding to the RM and PPM files.

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